Underneath Your Love - David Choi

[Verse 1]
Just to see that smile on your pretty face
I'll do everything I have to,
Won't let anything in my way
yeah I'll admit it
I get b_tterflies in my stomach
when I'm with you
cause you know we're fresh in love

Underneath your love is where I wanna be
Oh I never ever felt this good and I can't get enough
Oh what'd you do to me I can't fall asleep
You put a spell on me and now I'm underneath your love

[Verse 2]
The feeling is simple like the words I sing
Everybody knows the feeling, it's a cloud nine thing
24 hours in a day is not enough for you and me
For you and me


I don't wanna feel anything else but this
I don't wanna be anywhere else but here


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