Bar-Ba-Sol - David Cook

When I woke up I could see
The daylight had already passed me
It was such a fight to fade away asleep
It's a fugue

Come on
Found to chase down the dawn
And I fell every night as it turns
Into light with my eyes just shut tight
Sailing all alone
I thought I made it home
But I threw it all away

Oh I leave myself strong now
I suppose it's not a dream
Falling in between
I feel sick, I feel nervous
I know just what I did to deserve this
Though I know it's not a dream
Keeping quiet

Laying low
Holding on to what I don't want to know
Till the daylight turns to ash and blows away
Missing keys
Bloody nose
Consequences of what I chose

Keep an eye on me
Don't all my memory
Cause it's definitively

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