Living for The Moment - David Foster

On the edge of the light
we are blinded by our own short sight
nothing is beyond us,
we can make a difference to the quality of life

And with each passing day,
time become smore real in every way.
Future generations,left here with their nations,
though they never had a say.

Just push replay...
edit our mistakes of yesterday
I don't think we'll ever get that far.

Livin' for the moment,
makes you feel like dancin'
wouldn't you like to have some moonlight.
To add to the romancin'?
How can you keep lyin'?
atmosphere is dyin',
I can no longer hear the music,
I think the party is over.

And if we could only learn,
we can' cross our bridges once they've been burned
please help me make a difference.
Find a cause that you can stand behind
and give your heart.

Look forward to a better world because of me and you
striving for our children's children too.

-Repeat Chorus-

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