River of Love - David Foster

Life after life
stand before eyes of the world
each man,woman and child
must decide.

We hold inside
all the keys to paradise
all nations
all people
all are one.

We were born in love and innocence
that's how we came here
we were given hearts to love or hate with
our time has come
when we can live as one
River of Love
we are moving back to the river of love.

Tired walls must fall
that new hearts may be set free
we stand close to the edge
of the truth.

Old wounds must heal (must heal)
in a fresh equality (forever)
all nations
all people
all are one

-Repeat chorus-

Everyday our lives draw together
why don't we help each other
this is a chance for all the world
to have what it needs
the freedom of love

-Repeat chorus-

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