One Step Closer - David Foster

It's the way you make me feel
and the way you make me smile
everytime I look into your eyes.

Tell me how can you pretend
you're not falling deeper in
'cause I see the way you feel inside

Oh,why do I find myself
tryin' to believe there could be someone else
why should I be so alone
when I know there's someone waiting for me

One step closer,closer to the truth
and there's no reason that our hearts won't show
(if we take it) one step closer,one step closer to you
and there's no tellin' just how far we can...go.

It keeps tearin' me apart
I still wonder where you are
I can hardly fall to sleep at night

What's the sense of holdin' back
girl,it's time to face the fact
this is somethin' that we can't deny

Oh,how can I walk away
how can I leave when there's so much to say
I will never be alone
'cause I know that you are thinkin' of me

-Repeat Chorus-

I'm not about to give up
not about to let go
we can tear down these walls
if we take it real slow

We're not holding back
we're not giving up
we're just movin' on
one step closer to you.

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