Sleepy Hollow - Deadsy

Came to see him
For you only might find
Gone take my lay
For you and I will find
Form to see my fates
I cannot ever find
Places I care for
Nothing in my mind
Bring me not far enough
All lurking you'll find
Placing not far
You're every single mind
So fine can only
For you and me will find
Basis all for me
Can you leave my mind
Bracing my fall
My every single place
Your love travelled far
Some laying with my fates
Place some never far
You're everything around
You say I'm a love
And be mine every way


Under the sand
Through the land
Find all I can
And form a clan
That teaches to laugh
Tears the past
Laughs at the rest
Teach the best
Defeats the rest
Forms the test
We passed all the tests

Evil in my mind

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