My Music - Dem Franchize Boyz feat Bun B

That So So Def Sh_t

Make my f_cking music for da boys wit da Ol da Ol school clothes & da strip clubs

Everytime I Do it u no jus who i do it for my og n_ggas my girls in da stripclub and for my top cats thats block using its f_ck da cops serve da
rocks on da block music and any club any party they'll rock this im setting my trend dog its lean wit it rock wit it and for da projects buildings behind
da locked gates they do what they gotta do and hudtle in a top brick monving them O's making they pinches we grind til we ride sitting on 24" my ghetto
n_ggas and b_tches know how i keep it hood i keep it gutta all my gangstas know just how i do it


[Verse 2:]
I'm da sh_t u cant say im not i keep whitekeep purp lik a crayon box and got a nice whip game man i cant lie sh_t i can cook crack on a camp fire
put it in my hands i can make it i can make it go if i cant move then imma call Tonio i let da bullets from my gun spread im selling hard white yall
selling cornbread first i drop it then mix hit da pot lik i ask for a bar at risk yep in my white tee so u no i keep it white and i keep green like a
traffic light


[Verse 3:]
Well pimpin u no who it b its Bun to that letter b 101 persent gangstacheck my pedigree movin through yo city lik da mothaf_ckin mayor hate me
n_gga like i muthaf_ckin care ya im da king of da trill got da streets in a headlock a headbussa b_tch so heads up i keep da leg cocked selling mo yayo
than u can stuff in a breadbox and imma keep on pushin even when da feds flop forreal i represent da trill i stand up for da hood im holdin down da
underground just like a n_gga should UGK and DFB we do it for da block them D-boys in trap foldin work keepin it locked and dont stop.
Verse 4i make my music for da ones servin j's and da b_tches in da club shakin ass for da pay for da ones on da block block holders for da ones that will
knock yo head off yo shoulders thats gangsta i do it for da thugs and da b_tches in hood on every type of drugs shift across da border (the purp) to da
colas i hustle spreewells like im 310 motors (pawn shop n_gga) keep a couple handguns chopped in the trunk and they keep one in they hand son be honest im
not da test u wanna test boy my motive is to kill a n_gga shoot above da chest boy


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