Hang 'em High - Desperado

Born A Rambler
Roamin' From Town To Town
Chase The Dollar
Huntin' That Bounty Down
Gonna Hunt It Down
And We'll Make 'Em Dance
Where There Feet Never Touch The Ground
Hang Em' High
Come On Boys We're Gonna Hang 'Em High
Hang 'Em High
Round 'Em Up We're Gonna Hang 'Em High
Headed West
Where The Thrill Of The Chase Don't End
Every Towns Gun Got A Price On His Head
They're As Good As Dead
Watch 'Em Swing
At The End Of A Gallows String
(Repeat Chorus)
Then We'll Watch 'Em Dance
Where Their Feet Don't Touch The Ground
So String 'Em Up And Lay That Money Down
And Hang 'Em High
Hang 'Em High
String 'Em Up Boys!

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