Ride Through The Storm - Desperado

Well I Guess You Could Say This Is The End
It's Your Time To Leave My Old Friend
Fly, Fly Away
No Need To Hang Around Here No More
So Go Now Before I Close The Door
But I Need You So Bad
Can't Seem To Let Go Of All That I Had
Still You Stand By My Side
What Are You Waiting For?
Say You're In For The Ride
Well Are You Really Sure?
You Can't Turn Back No More
Ride Through The Storm
Fighting Our Battles As We Go Along
Ride Through The Storm
Keep On Ridin' On Right Through The Storm
Ridin' On Right Through The Storm
Wanna Tell You I'm Glad That You Hung Around
I Was Lost And Afraid, But Now I'm Found
Try, Try Again
Aren't Just Words They're My Battle Cry
I've Found Some New Wings' I'm Gonna Fly
Now I'm Well On My Way
I've Heard All The Warnings; There's No Need To Pray
And Still You're By My Side
What Are We Waiting For?
You're With Me For The Ride
Well Now I'm Really Sure
We Won't Turn Back No More
(Repeat Chorus)

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