Katt Williams Interlude - DJ Drama

Is this cotton candy kush, or is this ummm...urkle's gift? oh ohh, this is krypter-chronic-killer-like n_gga. ah ah ah ah, I'm gonna blow it into the speakers, see if you could get high, watch. I like weed in all of it's possible variations. I like it in a blunt, I like it in a joint, I like a volcano where it's in a big ass bag like a hot air balloon where you can just take a little, take a little, take a little, hold. that sh_t is so cold, hahaha. But you know, it don't really matter to me. I'll do it in one of those lil glass pipes too. If I'm f_ckin wit some of my wife's friends I'll hit the mothaf_cking bong, cause I ain't got no problem, weekend hookuh you know what it is. I ain't got no problem. I'll stick a hole in a apple, n_gga i been in the counties. What the f_ck is you talkin bout? Haha I dont give a f_ck n_gga, you jus gimme a good bud and i'll put it between my mouth and gum n_gga and have some weed snuff. I don't give a f_ck I'll spit it

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