Only God Knows - DMC

[Chorus 2X: DMC]
The wife, the kids, the things, I did
I'm lookin at my life and how I lived
Is it negative, is it positive
Only God knows what it really is

My wife's mad at me cause I'm drinkin again
Comin home with my breath stinkin again
Got me goin down the drain, got me sinkin again
All the alcohol got me thinkin again
If I take my own life that's suicide
I think about the nights I laid down and cried
I think about the brothers who already died
And I took so many drugs now my brain is fried
When I walk through the streets God is my guide
I always try to run but I just can't hide
Won't talk to the preacher cause the preacher lied
I asked for salvation and I was denied
Listen up everybody this is Darryl's song
I'm tryin to figure out what's right and wrong
I'm lookin at the world and do I belong
And like Marvin Gaye said, "What's Going On?"


When I'm alone in my room starin at the wall
I hear all the ghosts walkin in the hall
Voices in the head keep talkin to me
What's fantasy, what's reality
They say go in the kitchen, and grab the knife
Kill the kids, kill the wife
Turn it on yourself and take your own life
And I know, I know, I know that ain't right
But let me tell you somethin it gets deeper than that
I'm lookin for where the Grim Reaper is at
I knocked on his door he said come on in
And by the way you shoulda brought a friend
I said no, it's me, myself and I
And not too many people want to die
I'm sittin in my living room talkin to Death
Tryin to figure out, what I got left

[Chorus - 1/2]

[Interlude: DMC]
Aiyyo man, you see that gun over there man
You need to pick it up and use it on yourself
Nahh nahh I ain't ain't gon' do that
Well then, you should take it outside and
Y'know you got a bullet with everybody's name on it
Ahh let me think about it man, let me just take a walk ah
Yo, who dat comin?

When I left the Grim Reaper, I ran into Christ
He said DMC you could walk on ice
Remember those times that you never fell
God was holdin you up, man couldn't you tell
I kept you cock diesel just like LL
Strong with a "Message" like Melle Mel
When things was bad, you was doin fine
You did a good job of not losin your mind
You even read the bible like a hundred times
The meaning of life is not hard to find
Take a look around, look into yourself
You know where to go when you need help
And all those times you thought you was alone
It was you, yourself and that microphone
So don't give up, keep writin those rhymes
You're makin a way for a better mankind


[ad lib scratches to end]

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