Sucka Sucka - DMC

[Chorus: DMC]
Keep it real s_cka s_cka don't lie s_cka s_cka [4X]
Don't want no fake people in my face no more
Ain't givin fake people handshakes no more
Don't want no fake people in my face no more
Ain't lettin fake people in my space no more

S_cker MC wanna f_ck with me
Stupid motherf_cker shoulda stuck with D
People wanna know what's up with me
I be eternally like Jay cuts will be
Slick Rick said, "The Ruler's Back"
The other record said, "Return of the Mack"
The movie is called, "Return of the King"
Ain't no MC doin a God damned thing
I really didn't want, to spit like this
But MC's is full of sh_t and it's makin me sick
The critic wanna write, write about that
It's a crown motherf_cker, it's more than a hat
YEAH, I come legit like the Wu-Tang Clan
AND, I come to spit like Public Enemy man
AND, it's from The Roots like the hip-hop band
If I, I got to shoot I got the tool like BLAOW


DMC yo, that's who I be
Same MC since '83
I ain't gon' change, cause I got change
Act real strange cause I got fame
Keep it real yo, I represent the street
Same muh'f_cker over Jason's beat
By the way Jay rest in peace
Cause I'ma make sure that we all can eat
So don't try to hand me yo' card
F_ck you and your p_ssy-ass bodyguard
Don't give a f_ck about the fancy car
And the fact that you like buyin out the bar
By the way, who the f_ck do they think they are?
Punk executives tryin to act like stars
The bullsh_t, has got to quit
Cause me and my street soldiers gonna break yo' sh_t


[DMC - repeat 2X]
Smile in your face and talk and alla that
And when you get the story, it's never exact
They say that you're friends but they really are not
Cause everything that you did, they simply forgot

[Chorus - 1/2]

{Don't lie}

It's gon' be alright
Y'all seen the movie
Jason LIVES!!
We ain't gon' never die!
Can't kill us
Kings for eternity!

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