Believe in Me - Donell Jones

If you let me in your heart I will
Never let you go, oh no
You gotta believe in me
Cause the love is strong that I have

[Verse 1]
How many times must I say I love you
When it really don't mean a thing to you baby
I know you've had your shar of ups and downs
But I've done you no wrong
I've only tried to make things right
So just give my loving a try
Let me in


[Verse 2]
Love is a game and I've played and won
But you gotta let me in
Girl you're always on my mind
I dream of you all the time
I know love is a give and take
I don't wanna ever make any mistakes
Oh no, So I keep you close to my hear and
I will pray that we will never part


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