Stole a Car (Interlude) - Drax Project

Nobody knows I stole my car
I haven't told my friends about it
My mum thought I bought it from TradeMe
But I stole it from someone's driveway
I changed the plates out in the park
I put some decals on the hood and
Got some illegal documents, mm
And said I paid for it in Bitcoin, Bitcoin

I feel so weird about it
Can't stop thinking 'bout it
What if they catch me, what's going to happen?

Oh sh_t I f_cked up
Stole a car
Never told a soul, oh no
Damn did I mess up?
But I had no money, it's easier to ignore
Oh no, maybe I should let it go

Maybe I should let it go
Maybe I should let it go
(Nobody knows, nobody knows)
Oh, oh
Maybe I should let it go

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