Aint for None - Dreezy feat Dreezy, KD Young Cocky & ZMoney

Got the squad with me and yea we got alotta guns
40,50 drums
Come and get you some, you betta run !
When the Glock spit, leave a n_gga top split, if he on that opp sh_t
Posted on the block tryna make a profit, tottin hot she get popped tryna f_ck with my sh_t
Why I keep telling these f_ck n_ggas I ain't for none?
I can't never sit away, I get up everyday and resume my paper run
But I gotta play it safe cuz around my way n_ggas hate when yo paper comin
But ima die for my cake, 50 shots in this cannon, ima spray til it don't shoot nothin
And I came from the bottom I won't change for a dollar or nothin
When the times they was hard, it was me and my squad, if it's change then it ain't no fun
Now we ridin in em cars, f_ckin all em broads, make a young n_gga feel like he up
But sh_t'll never be the same with the gang, since they killed my n_gga Kobe ion give no f_cks !

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