From Now on - Dreezy


[Verse 1]
Ain't nothing promised
So I'm living
I get f_cked up, that's my decision
That money power
It draw attention
Now when I talk, they wanna listen
My name get mentioned even when I ain't on Twitter
These b_tches ain't got no class like they got suspended
That ain't your belt, go take that sh_t back to the lender
You really thought you could front on me, how you figure?
I got my money right now, I can feel the tension
It's time to cut these n_ggas off, hand me the scissors
You keep on dissing me, my name just getting bigger
Ready to battle, no it don't matter the gender

If I do anything I gotta get my shine on
Warn these n_ggas I ain't saving 'em from now on
All these blunts in rotation got my mind gone
You just pray your n_gga ain't gon want my eyes on him
Heard somebody say I changed, that sh_t just blew me
I'm tired of b_tches lying, acting like they knew me
Came up on 'em, now this money got me bougie
See these diamonds dancing on me, they like "ooh wee"

[Verse 2]
Want my cake and I eat it too, I'm Betty Crocker
Got higher learning, kept that weed inside my locker
They can't believe we came this far like it's a shocker
I got my check up, I ain't need to see no doctor
I might be a lot of sh_t, but I ain't sorry
That money coming in on time, it's never tardy
Just got evicted but you still up in the party
Got a real binge and spent your rent inside a Barney's
Show respect when you see me, I'm far from average
All you was popping with my flow, I let you have it
These n_ggas b_tches, they need to be in a pageant
I'm too one hunnid, I gotta keep me a savage


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