No Good - Dreezy feat Common & Ross Augusta

[Hook: Ross Augusta]
See I know, I know, yea
You're no good, yea you're no good
But you're so good, feel so good
You're no good but you're so good to me
You're my addiction, you're my addiction
You're no good but you're so good to me

[Verse 1: Dreezy]
A heartbeat's the perfect harmony
And pardon me but you became a part of me
Replace blood for your love in my arteries
Kind of drug they don't sell up in the pharmacy
I told him I'm in pieces, he told me he took pottery
Scratchin' exes off to win the lottery
You not on the TV but you a star to me
Cause you be scripted like a movie and it's starring me
But still I rap for him til I gas out
Even though we been around like he got passed out
He like the thots on the block with they ass out
But like him find me with a n_gga, he gon' lash out
Got a soft [?] but grew up in the hood
Scared of commitment, rollin' on the wood
Might just be bad but he make it feel good
Addicted I wouldn't leave him if I could


[Verse 2: Common]
Bad b_tches got a n_gga up to no good
I was on the label, damn I should know good
Good p_ssy, good head, a beautiful mind
Good with numbers, a dime know what to do with a nine
Like I just bought a rollie spendin' quality time
You be sayin' "it's yours" cause you tryna be mine
We go through the bullsh_t but you keepin' it tight
Yo I'm on that healthy sh_t so I'm eatin' you right
Like a thief in the night, stealin' your heart
Even when there's friction, you feelin' the sparks
In the dark you my dancer, like you from Atlanta
Girl you the sh_t, that's why I gotta pamper
You know and like The Roots, I gotta get my bands up
I lay down the laws, but girl I don't handcuff
Man stuff I be on, back [?] in the basement
Your insecurities, I got the combination and it's good


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