Nonstop - Dreezy

I don't ever pass the blunt
This ain't no track meet
My b_tch got shotgun
Put that n_gga in the back seat
They tryna be like me
I think somebody hacked me
Who talking rap beef?
I killed them all by track three

They'll tell you dreaming ain't possible
And start pinching you but not pitching in
And I would tell you who the dopest is
But the feds probably out listening
N_ggas money short as my attention span
I don't see nobody, got a different lens
Put the bait out and wait out
They bite the flow
I reel them in like fishermen
I'm a green lover when it come to money
But I burn trees like an arsonist
Get my medication from the pharmacist
You could leave that shake for the Parkinson's
Need a blunt rolled with my b_tt rubbed
From a young thug like Barter 6
N_ggas act tough, get you f_cked up
Now I'm back riding to Tha Carter IV

On Sunset swerving
Hella deep, got 'em nervous
Tease a n_gga on purpose
I can be pitching how I be curving
Gotta head full of raps
Might as well walk around with a turban
Yo n_ggas like Lions on the Wiz
And ain't nan one got courage
All this gold on me
I'm thinking I just hit the jackpot
Stepping in Givenchy, feeling b_tchy
With my hat cocked
'Bout to tell yo n_gga, get a grip
He got the trap hot
Tried to put him on the team
He rather be a mascot

Don't look back, we ahead of ya
Middle fingers to the editors
I'm a predator, what competitors?
Wanna battle, gotta be better first
Got my toes done, I'm still a road runner
From the real estate, like a home hunter
If a b_tch try to call me out
Then I'm knowing that she got the wrong number
Got picked up in a Rolls Royce
And the neighbors tried to call Ghost Busters
Ran in my ex 'bout a week ago
And I swear to God he was so busted
Yo last video looked good
But the song weak and it's no numbers
How we finna heat up on b_tches?
I'm not here to f_ck around and beat no summer
(Let's get it)

I don't get the hype that got you people all excited
I'm a walking knot, make a n_gga wanna tie it
It's all about how you talk, might turn yo fan into a client
Told them "Imma feed the streets"
I know the real ain't gon deny it
It's a party but it's private, you are not invited
They say "since when you switched it up?"
I say "I just decided"
I really live this life
Don't need nobody else to write it
N_ggas swearing that they fly
I guess somebody shot the pilot

F_ck a Benz, I need that Lambo
Yeah, I got that ammo
I promise n_ggas won't get cleared like a sample
Made it to the hills
When my n_ggas still in a Bando
I'm so sick, I'm sipping Campbell's
Hate to watch and flip the channel
They say X will mark the spot
I signed the line and got that treasure
Finessed him out his plugs
I put business over pleasure
They tell me they opinions
I don't listen, f_ck a lecture
I keep twenty on the dresser
Know these b_tches feel the pressure

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