Fornication Terrorists - Dying Fetus

soldiers of deception dark seeds among our race,
an absence of free will, is all we ever face,
overcome by chemicals of lust inside the brain
we don't need an answer, just someone to blame,
a plague of human weakness spreads across a dying race,
in search of human meat, just a little taste,
animals with no remorse who seek to penetrate,
no one ever cares, as long as they get laid,
looking at the world as it unfolds in front of me,
I could never think to give a f_ck about a thing,
it just makes me sick to think that I could even be,
a part of this perverted earth we like to think is free,
blood-borne virus spreads cultivates the living dead,
patient-zero's gone, but the human rats will carry on,
drug-crazed high on sex f_ck and f_ck with no regrets,
god-damned mortal drive, to f_ck with anything alive,
not-one will prevail the flesh is weak and always fails,
lust-filled carnal rage, inhuman sex for human slaves,
no-more love of faith just waves of systematic rape,
blind-to all disease, a whore is all they f_cking need.
dead, he's dead, that mother f_cker's dead,
don't let me see the f_ckers face again, mad,
as f_ck, these f_ckers gotta die,
it's time to send them back to where they came
f_ck, and f_ck, spreadin' all there sh_t,
without a f_cking thought inside their head,
kill, and kill, give it to them hard,
see how much they're f_cking when their dead,
pornographic f_ck-fest ride, A.I.D.S.-infested diatribes,
orgiastic atrophy all reduced to greed,
forced penetration, not one a willing slave?
pleasure seeking mongrels, a horror masquerade,
blind to all reason, they f_ck their life away,
Sodom and Gomorrah, precursors of our world today,
our f_cking world's deceased just like we televise the grief,
of a thousand mother f_ckers blown away,
force fed, their lies, price paid, with their blood,
in our god we trust so we can entertain with lust
our f_cking zombified nation does the rest
pastic prophets, air-brushed democracy,
we're all deaf and dumb because eat and breath the scum,
and let it infiltrate and penetrate our brain,
lost cause, no hope, fall back, we've lost the game...
paralyzed, unleashed, in heat, predators, infected,
diseased, avarice, blinding, her eyes, cash in hand,
empty, inside, generate, profits from pain,
mediated false impressions, human flesh, labeled for sale,
a witness for the "prostitution", fornicate,
triumph of shame, does nothing else f_cking matter?
sickeness, weakness, porn is the new jesus,
f_ck it, vomit, on the human race.

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