Hail Mighty North / Forest Trolls of Satan (Anno Clitoris 666) - Dying Fetus

B_tch, now don't ya walk away from me
because you had your chance you f_cking whore
you been watching mtv and all you talk abouts down on the floor
cant you tell that you're a sl_t built for profit
so stay the f_ck away from me
you'll see

B_tch, you're always face down, f_ck drunk
and I of course (gibberish) again
so tell me why can't ya say no
you're always f_cking my best friend
how could I know you were working in porno
just get the f_ck away from me
you'll see, you'll see

Baby, if there was one thing I ever thought
I thought we'd be together forever
but now you've run away and I'm feelin so lonely
how I long for you to toss my salad
and I to s_ck your hairy bush
someday when you're beside me again
I know i'll f_ck you with my peirced penis
Get down
B_tch! Whore! Cunt! Sl_t! B_tch!

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