Justifiable Homicide - Dying Fetus

Profits are the powermad's motivating force.
Just a greedy aspiration to be fed.
Put to the test, they'll f_ck all the rest,
till all their rivals are dead...they're dead.

Pushed on to fight as the pressure infects
and their rotten intentions arise
Our retaliation forces are the primary front
we all have got to cut them down to size.

Faceless prophets pushing nazi policies
Money is the God they defend.
The workers released, the lions are fed,
it's all just a means to an end.

The war is here and the mission is clear: engage-enforce-erase
Who are they to say we're free? There's no choices I can see.
Just look around, the tension builds.
Who's to blame when it comes down?

Drug laws, no privacy, the last breath of sanity
It's all f_cked, 'cause what I see is too damn many brain-washed humans.
The forces of dissention are released,
their products and corruption no one needs.

The cracks within the system start to show
so let's f_cking let them know
think if you can, what a f_cking waste of life
one too many dreams have broken.

Down through the past, it's a spiral into night
try if you can; break this cycle clean.

Work for a wage, it's a lie, it's a mind game,
breaking your back for some mother f_cker
He doesn't care, and no one really does
Life is short, so get up off your knees

there's no peace, till we rip off the roof of this whole desecration
haul out the liers who claim who claim they "got a job to do"
cause we all understand there're violent implications
inside a world that needs us, to see the f_cking deal go through
through false tenets heralding the "right to mass consumption"
thethe population's gluttony is spread
fatter and weaker, no thinking's allowed empty eyes on empty heads
chaos surrounds as the system's cut down, these f_ckers are as good as dead
once we tear out the heart in this evisceration
you'll know just where the f_ck the world's going to
f_ck you if you believe there's no alternative
thats where we fill-fill your empty void
there's no changing the faith of the common man
he's got life that your mind could never comprehend
worthless waste just a shell of human life
now cold dead, a death justified

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