Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog - Dying Fetus

kill your mother and rape your dog!
f_ck these corporations and their f_cking record stores,
I don't want my f_cking paycheck feeding money whores
these bastards flood the market with their fabricated sh_t,
and laugh as this pathetic f_cking music gets them rich...
stay the f_ck, right out of my life,
I don't need your, f_cking advice,
you don't know what, our sh_t is all about,
so don't even try to figure it out,
f_ck your spice girls and your f_cking pearl jam,
its all a bunch a sh_t, I say, f_ck it,
f_ck your dave matthews and your f_cking rem,
you god damned b_tch, f_cking clueless

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