Pissing in The Mainstream - Dying Fetus

The media is a tool designed to mold us into slaves
Drugging us into an empty, apathetic daze.
The trick is that we think that everything is going fine
But the truth to our reality lies buried in the mind

I don't give a f_ck about the Hollywood elite;
I don't really care if models can't f_cking eat.
I don't give a f_ck a f_ck about which movie is on top.
But what I really know is that the sh_t has got to stop.

Consumer appetites are never satisfied in full,
'cause the objects that they buy can simply never fill the void.
A constant need for meaning, and accumulating sh_t,
drives the lust in their obsession just to get another fix.

I don't give a f_ck about the TV ratings game,
The Real World is not a party, just a place for the insane.
If that reflects reality, then pass another drink
You try to be a millionaire, I'll vomit in the sink.

What the f_ck is left to try,
on an avaricious nation on an economic high?
If Rome could last 500 years,
who then will throw the wrench inside our gears?

The bottom line is money on the Western power scene,
where celebrities and porn can let the population dream.
They're pathetic human living in an advertising glut,
who devour with a passion what the mainstream vomits up

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