The Storm is Coming - Ed Harcourt

Well what starts as a warm breeze turns into something more
Like the lightning that burns down houses
Or the wind that blows down doors
Oh I see it in the distance
It moves much faster than I think
Yes this storm will wreak much havoc
Bring my sanity to the brink

Once I was so young and careless
Never strayed much from the path
Now I find myself in trouble
Never knowing when to laugh
And as my eyes sink in my skull
I am wired to the max
Gonna pull myself together
You can see I'm coming back

If the storm is coming, the storm is coming
The storm is coming
It's gonna make a beutiful sound
I hope it turns your life upside down

Now the wooden gate is creaking
And the windows loudly rattle
Yet I still venture towards it
Like I'm marching into battle
Oh I could heed your good advice
And stay in comfort back at hom
But there it is in splendour
And it's chilling me down to the bone

Down down down
I hope it turns your life upside down

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