Champagne and Sleeping Pills - Eighteen Visions

poetic madness drains from my mind.
you've f_cked me there too many times.
heart in throat.
I'm all choked up.
I wish I was.
now give me sanity.
this is the love I can't control and now you've lost it.
and you're just so f_cking crazy.
you make me crazy.
dopesick and depressed, but she's magnetic.
she's so magnetic.
you make me crazy.
you make me so f_cking crazy.
a bittersweet orgasmic mindf_ck
or the smoothest sheet of something stainless will pleasure me for now.
and now I find myself where the needle was too weak.
and now I find myself where the razor couldn't speak.
now cover me in your green essence lovely.
distance where I can't touch you.
that's where the gun will touch you.
paint up that pretty face you're something I wish I was.
paint up that pretty face.
give me this agony.
paint up that pretty face.
her makeup smears away with the tears.
that eye-liners runnin and she's runnin away from me.
the lipstick stains like gold and for that moment I wanted to be her.
feeling how I failed her.
and now the drama bites hard.
you're the poison in the bottle in that just knocked me out.
a simulcast signing off yeah mind controls a b_tch.
I'm on that downer depressant.
that overcast chill and she's just so f_cking sexy.
yeah. lips like sin. die like sin.
I'm on that downer depressant.
that overcast chill.
she's dressed in black and dressed to kill.

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