Hold On - Emmy the Great

If the water comes tomorrow
And everything is drowned
Well, pack your stuff and what you love
And head for higher ground

If the morning finds a storm cloud
Gathered overhead
And hollow horses full of men
All wrapped in bows on outdoor steps

Well, sing all the songs you've always sung
Just finish all that you've begun
And hope that one day, they day will come when you'll see the ground again

If you wake up feeling lonely
Sleeping through the day
You hope a truck will knock you up
A brand-new looking face

If you thought you would be different
From what you have become
Wish you'd never stuck your head
Out between your mother's legs

Just, hold on to what you own
Hold on to what you own
Hold on to what you own

Well, I don't want to see you feel this way
Just want to see you smile again
Smile again
Hold on to what you own

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