My Guitar - Emmy the Great

My guitar is a person
Put her on the chair
She?s only one who listens
She?s the only one who cares

I?m lonely like a hermit
I'm emptier than glass
My guitar annoys you so
You can stick it up your arse

Me and my guitar oh-oh-o
Ponder the significance of yellow snow
We talk about the movies and who?s been on the news
Magicians, cats and paedophiles
The comments always make me smile and lately we?re discussing the Bronte sisters three
My guitar likes charlotte, but I dig Emily

Me and my guitar oh-oh-o
We often wonder who invented day glow
Was it Jon snow?
Was it Jon snow?
And the best instruments in town are thoughtful and polite

Tonight we?re watching movies staring the brat pack
We rented half the Jarvis films and the empire strikes back
'Cos that one is her favourite of the star wars trilogy
It handles all these metaphors,
like good and bad
and peace and war

Me and my guitar oh-oh-o
We sit and try and pin point the funniest thing we know
And of course it really has to be Jon Lesley

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