My Party is Better than Yours - Emmy the Great

I'm having a party but you're not invited
Pizza and fizzy-pop it's all so exciting
Sardines and musical chairs
What a shame that you're not here
Cos you're not my friend anymore
You've made your position quite clear from your distance
What crime have I done that negates my existence'
Me and all of my other chums
Will sit and talk till the evening comes
Cos youre not our friend anymore
We'll have fezzek
And everyone leaves with a present
Kisses and hugs it's so pleasant
Peaceful, and I
I hate you, I hope that you die
I'm having a party and I hope that you know this
Spend Friday alone and pretend not to notice
All of the stupid things you've done
I know and I'm telling everyone
Cos you're not my best friend anymore
And tomorrow I will find a new friend
From the new friend shop
And my friend you are not
And I hate you as much as I miss you

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