We Almost Had a Baby - Emmy the Great

well you didn't stop, when i told you to stop
and there was a month when i wasn't sure
if the next time i saw you
out on the road
i'd have something to say, other than pay
all of the money that you owe.
and i would have liked to to have something above you
to have something to hold
and know i could choose to let it grow
and i would have called youand i'd have said hey
you know i'm in control and i'll let you know
if you have to come and choose a name
and i will think of you now that we are apart
i put my hand across?my gut i plan to feed it with a heart
i'm not the girl that you remember from the start
i was only a baby
now i am what you made me
and once you left me in the spring
and twice you left in fall
and once i tried to make a life
to keep myself in yours
do you think of me when you are playing the one and five in four
is country music
what your life is for?

we almost had a baby.

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