She - Emmylou Harris

(gram parsons/chris ethridge)

She ...
She came from the land of the cotton
A land that was nearly forgotten
By everyone
And she ...
She worked and she slaved so hard
A big ol? field was her backyard
In the delta sun
Oh, but she sure could sing
Yes, yes
She sure could sing

Then he ...
Looked down and he took a little pity
The whole town swore he decided
He help her some
And he
Didn?t mind if she wasn?t very pretty
For deep inside his heart he knew
She was the only one
Oh, but she sure could sing
My, my she sure could sing
She had faith and she had believin?
She led all the people together in singin?
And she prayed very night
To the lord up above
Singin? hallelujah
Oh, hallelujah

They ...
Would walk singin? songs by the river
Even when she knew for sure
She had to go away
And she
Never knew what her life had to give her
And never had to worry about it
For one single day
Oh, but she sure could sing
Yes, yes she sure could sing

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