That's Damn Rock & Roll - Eric Church

It ain't a needle in a vein,
It ain't backstage sex,
It ain't lines of c_caine on a private jet,
It ain't havin' a posse full of hangers on following you around,
It ain't long hair, tattoos, playin' too loud,
It ain't a middle finger on a t-shirt, the establishments tryin' to sell,
It's a guy with the balls who told the establishment to go to hell,
It ain't about the money you make, when a record gets sold,
It's about doin' it for nothin', cause it lives in your soul.
That's damn rock and roll,
That's damn rock and roll,
It's a rock through a window,
It's a ride in the street,
It's a rebel revolution,
It's fightin' for pieces,
Burn baby burn,
It's a brick in the wall,
It's the first one to stand,
And the last one to fall,
It's a hip shaking devil on the stage at 2 below,
It's doing what ya want instead of doin' what your told,
It's a preacher by the wreck tellin' folks they outta pray,
Cause the shepherd boy gets them,
And lead the flock a stray,
That's damn rock and roll,
Give all ya got 'till there ain't nothin' left,
That's damn rock and roll,
Get some grass cause the party,
And the party got loud,
And the party turned into an angry crowd.
Drowning demons feel no pain,
Found a lot of ways to shame.
Gone too soon just like a song,
Hendrix Joplin what went wrong?
Need some answers right or wrong,
Need some band to blame it on,
(Blame it on, [x10])
That's damn rock and roll,
(Give all ya got till there ain't nothing left)
That's damn rock and roll,
(oh [x12])
Another day,
In Another town,
Loadin' the stage, and the lights, and the sound,
Here they come boys,
They've opened doors,
Count us off now Craig,
(1, 2, 3, 4,)
That's damn rock and roll,
Give all ya go till there ain't nothin left,
That's damn rock and roll,
Gather round 'till you've broken a sweat
That's damn rock,
That's damn rock and roll.
(Rock and roll [x5])

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