Gone - Esthero feat Cee-Lo Green

Why would you stay if its killing us both just to be here?
There's no more room to grow and you wont find yourself 'till you leave me.
It's a beautiful world outside these walls,
and I love you too much to hold you down
with my light shine.....
and its blinding you...so
G'on....get away.....leave me be
'cause I dont wanna see your face around here.

Now don't complicate it,
I don't have it in me to hate you.
I was meant to be your freedom.
I just want to be your faerie.
And I try to teach you, but I can only stay for one more day
then I am....
Gone....get away....leave me be
cause I dont wanna see your face around here.

There aint nothing here for you if you stay.
And its so hard to hear myself say
"go away"
instead of " baby please stay just one more day"
I barely have the strength to leave you
and you don't wanna be with me
So go on (just get gone)
and leave me alone...

cee-lo: that isn't true
girl, how could you say what you not mean?
oh we used to have such a hot thing
and I just cant go anywhere and be not seen
but for the love of you theres places I have stopped being
and don't make me start about all the sweets and all the shopping
I mean God I even went out and got a ring
And its no cliche
Love is blind its in you Literally- stop seeing
But when you truly love someone, girl, you wouldn't be shamed
And if I did not see you there, girl, I wouldn't have came
You must have some strong shoulders 'cause thats where you be putting the blame
Whoever said f_cked up your head
Talking bout if you had love then you wouldn't have pain.

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