Vanilla - Fickle Friends

[Verse 1]
We are just fun on a trial run
Does it make us cool to play this out 'til summer?
Kiss in the car, meeting in the park
Did I ever doubt that you could be this far out?

And you're not the guy you always wanted to be
Imagination running wild like the 70s
Bet you don't know where the time goes
I'm not coming back to watch you wearing your heart out

Did you think that I was down for whatever?
'Cause I dont wanna hate you more than you'll ever know
Talk about us waking up from the summer
Guess it's a frame of mind
Praying that you wouldn't call it vanilla
I don't wanna teach you sh_t you don't understand
Call me something bittersweet 'cause you're clever
It's just a frame of mind

[Verse 2]
Where are we now? What's the load down?
Can I play the fool for what feels like a lifetime?
Driving so far, kissing in the dark
Did I ever think that you could be a sell out?

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