Cheatin' on We - Field Mob

[Tasha:] I'm home!
[Boy:] Hey Mama!
[T:] Hi, where's Smoke at?
[Boy:] He, uh, he had went with this dude named Coach, but he left you a letter
[T:] A letter?
[Boy:] Um uh
[T:] 4real?
[Boy:] Yeah
[T:] Let me see it
[Boy:] Mama

Dear Tasha
it's quote unquote ya one and only baby
I wrote this out cause in person I know you tried to shake me
cause yous a thin line type of hoe
I wanna fight hoe
kitchen knife hoe
ya psycho!
I admit I slipped I should've knew you was a stupid hoe
thinking I shot a cupid's bow
but little do you know
I been f_cking other n_gga b_tches, yep
that's the way to hit 'em
cause she'll keep shut and keep up her relationship with him
Remember Tim with the rim shop
that your friend brought to meet us and the clique
his b_tch be loving the d_ck
Remember Nicholas that once lived with us
who be sniffing dust his wife like leather whips and cuffs
Remember Marcus who sold us two dimes for the 15
how he hit that hoe? Uh-uh he need to get that b_tch cleaned
Remember Roc with the drop top
candy flip flop box had this trick b_tch lips locked on my big cock
Mike and Joe I get hoes I be digging em out
We have threesomes both like d_ck and clit in they mouth
Rememer Randy that hang with Danny
got a sister named Brandy his old lady don't wear no panties
Remember Steve I played ball with
you done seen him with me his b_tch like d_ck between her titties
and oh yeah
Your brother-in-law's b_tch don't you know her
ain't that your sister I had to hit her
spent no cash to get her
now ain't I a nasty n_gga
thank you were playing me, got the last get-ta, wha!

[Tasha:] Ooooooh, Smoke I hate you! (hate you hate you hate you hate you)

[Chorus: (2x)]
When you were cheating on me
I was cheating on you
We both was cheating on we
So what the f_ck we gon do?
I don't know!

[Phone rings]
Anwsering Maching picks up:
Yeah this Tasha, I'm not home right now but leave your name and number and I might get back to you [beep]

I gotcha hiding
you know you wrong girl
pick up the phone
stop playing
I know you there
you hear me I know you home
You ain't gotta be scared
I ain't crazy deranged
hell I been sneaking cheating and doing the same thang
my dog had been creeping f_cking every b_tch
in your trick clique
to the one that put your weave in
She been licking me up
licking my d_ck and my b_tt
she swollow cum you don't
you stop and spit in a cup
Ya girl Pam the one that spent the night at ya house
I call her Gargamale
she gargle male balls in her mouth
and you mama now that's the real freak of the year
like to watch me jack my d_ck then skeet in her ear
and I know you know Brenda the with the baby
she keep swearing I'm the daddy she crazy
want me to kick it with her like I don't know she a sl_t
she gave me that doo-doo brown
I stuck my d_ck in her [anwsering machine beeps]

[Chorus 3x to fade]

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