Dimez (Jazzy B's) - Field Mob

I'm lookin for a made misses, not one of them lazy chickens
But one them on top of her game, paid b_tches
I lay b_tches and slay b_tches, fast and free
So f_ck that, I want a lady I can give cash to be
A lover, makin me say "unngh" like Master P
And helpin me out when I'm deep in a catastraphe
She has to be, top notch and full of class
Or rollin a new drop top full a gas, to pull her ass
Gotta come correct and you better have your game tight
She ain't the type of girl you meet and then f_ck the same night
She's a hot girl, one that you can smoke Jane with
But so jazzy, flashin her diamonds on her bracelet
She don't say sh_t, keepin our love on the d-low
I trust and believe in her, like Shira, she's my hero
She don't need no zeroes she want a jazzy dime n_gga to kick it with
Splittin it fifty/fifty down the middle

[Chorus 2x]
I need a jazzy b_tch, a classy b_tch
Walkin and pass me the switch, flashin her wrist
Where you at ma'?
I'm lookin for ya, so let a n_gga spoil ya
As if I was your daddy and you was my daughter

She had broke n_ggas and she said some nice hoe n_ggas
Showboat poor n_ggas perpetratin with no scrilla
She like more zippers, flow flippers and go getters
Hydro twistas, gold grillers to roll with
And you don't have to be a dope dealer or an old n_gga
So don't go twistin with a gold n_gga
'Cause she's a boss b_tch, a slim Diana Ross b_tch
That you can floss with that don't cost sh_t
And anytime I want to I can toss it
And when I toss it, I ain't gon' lie, I raw dog it
'Cause she's so jazzy, every five minutes I stop and tell her
B_tches playa hate because they not, they jealous
Loooooong micros with lots of cheddar
Givin me more D's than Jay-Z, she'll Roc-A-Fella
Classy, I gots to say it in a capella
So y'all rats can hear me clear, y'all gots to do better


If you feel that you's a jazzy n_gga, you feel the same as me
Jazzy hoes, I feel ya Jermaine Dupri
Because classy ain't the thing to be, and yes it's plain to see
If you a skank you can't hang with me!
No I can't have no rat claimin me, like a leech, clang to me
Or much, you should be shamed to be
Ridin in the Chevy thing with me, it's not the place for them
Jazzy, classy girls I'm chasin them, I wanna stay with them
And lay with them, passin p_ssy's not the way for them
I'm lacin 'em with more ice than a hockey stadium
She gets down with me, freakin in any position
Fine as all our dough, no, don't need me no pigeon
I'm needin a pinchin to make sure that I'm not dreaming
Like Cash Money, when you see her it's like bling, bling
I'm lookin for ya, so let a n_gga spoil ya
As if I was your daddy and you was my daughter

[Chorus 2x]

What, I need a jazzy b_tch, c'mon, I need a jazzy b_tch....

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