222 - Flatbush Zombies

[Hook: Erick Arc Elliot]
Smoking good, looking good
Girlfriend what's the issue, huh?
Got them hooked, take a look
N_gga never ever gonna miss you, girl
Get it understood, you looking good
Mind and your body gotta equal, girl
How your soul hangs low like the bottom of your red shoes
And I think it's Louis Vuitton, too

[Verse 1:]
Reality is wisdom, perspective
I like Horus, I don't like whores
Hindsight oh my I adore, for the time being yes I am yours
Drunk my card it's the ace of spades
And I hate to go away without getting this money made
But n_ggas be telling to believe in the reason to actor
N_gga lose his job, blame it all on bad luck
Known to coast and my eyes not open
The cold comes every season, trick
In the summer we smoke hunnids, my fall comes often evil sh_t
Just spews from my mind, I get confused all the time
My wall of space is confined, so you better elevate or lose time
Just lose time


[Verse 2:]
Shady, I don't play that
I be acting as if I'm a better man
And my mother to my brother from another
Boy oh yes you can
From my sisters I keep the sh_t right
And my mothers that kiss you good night
40 slugs in my liquor cup
Sick of shot and I pick you up
Bang bang from the same gang
Kick rocks if you can't hang
Lil n_gga what you saying, mayne?
Roll up while the blames hang
Growing up was a plane, mayne
In the hood it's all good, made our own Hollywood
Took a picture the system my mental track me like a alien
I combine thoughts with divine course
And exhale exhaust from my skeleton
Tell her I won't appear again
F_ck that, if I'm going who will even care again?
Hate to be American, get away from experiments
Cause the truth in the pyramids
And we all f_cking immigrants
And you're lying through your filaments
Lay back if you drink a bit
And indulge in this n_gga sh_t
And that real n_gga rhetoric
Dissolve all that simple sh_t, play a different game
It's too easy to be ignorant
Just lay back and think a bit


One time
F_ck all that other sh_t

One time, one time for my n_ggas of the Indigo
Two times, two times for my ladies that are not a ho
One time, one time for my n_ggas of the Indigo

Angel but she want me for my peso
Telling other n_ggas she ain't never gonna wait
So by smashing the Range Rove'
Beat beat then I add her to the payroll
Smoke another doob with a cousin and a bro
But I won't say it slow
Misrepresenting the people who won't grow
So I carrying through the weapons that beat you through postal
Where we gon' go? Where we ever gon' go?
To the highest of the Horace eye
F_ck thoughts I am going 'til there's no reply

Flatbush Zombies
They try tah
South by southwest, all the way from Brooklyn

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