Al Bundy - Flatbush Zombies

Al bundy
Al bundy

[Verse: Meech]
I'm so high from last night woke up on the ceiling yo
Bucket low like f_ck it though, n_gga feel like Gilligone
F_ck being better than you, I'm tryna be better than me
It's just me myself and I, I'm just tryna be better than we
Roll that weed, no stress we need
Smoking 'til we catch a seizure, Rick Ross indeed
The XO got me staggerin' like I ain't got no balance and
My b_tch head great and yours mentally challenged
Three b_tches and me, hah, now that's some foreplay
Sex sweet sticky sheets p_ssy tastes like shortcake
Grandaddy OG kush and Old English
Can't tell me that my soul ain't old n_gga
My money bloody so she call me Count Rackula
Endzone dance in the p_ssy then I tackle her
No I never shackle her take the condom wrap her up
My d_ck is a gift so I wrap it up
Beat the kitty nine times now all her life gone
This is my retarded flow call it 50 Tyson
Puttin' this d_ck in this p_ssy constrict like a python
This weed is quite strong I stuff it and ignite bomb
Inhale exhale take a whiff I bet you smell me
Pissy off the chrissy I'm pissin' on bitties like R. Kelly
I'm young black and gaudy, young black and horny
She young black stacked, ass fat, face gorgeous
Never ask for sh_t and her ego is enormous
Remember she's a b_tch so of course a n_gga dog her
Safari print lenses, I murdered the beat
Dissect it and do forensics and leave without a blemish
Smokin' on headband, overviewin' the earth
Life is a fifty fifty you know gift and the curse
How deep is too deep cause I done seen the bottom
Feels like the earth is in my reach because that's how high I've gotten
I dispose of you foes and these shows through the flows
Pop a tab and crush the globe as my third eye glows
It's hard to believe that there is barely a heart in me
Stepped in my mistake cause it only made a smarter me
Even blood know, cause flow like an artery
Even 'cause know, blood flow like an artery

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