Bliss - Flatbush Zombies

[Verse 1: Erick Arc Elliot]
I blink twice 'til my eyes close on my face
Deep breaths, struggling to reach home base
Awkward n_gga, mother f_cker this is a race
God made me great, so I been invisible to hate
Partly humane, part of the same, part of the game
Used to smoke a Parliment before I partied with my pain
And Bacardi was the same, 151 to your brain
But I'd rather beg my pardon than to party with you lames

[Hook: Meechy Darko]
F_ck money, f_ck friends, f_ck family
F_ck p_ssy, f_ck drugs, f_ck sanity
I don't give a sh_t, Why?
Cause ignorance is bliss, right
F_ck the law, f_ck the president and white house
F_ck the jury, f_ck the judge in the nightgown
I don't give a sh_t, Why?
Cause ignorance is bliss, right

[Verse 2: Zombie Juice]
Sit back and analyze my life like Montana did white
All the b_tches I hit, and all the b_tches I might
Clearly underrated amongst all the favorite
But f_ck it, my styles like [?]
I'm a keep smoking 'til my lungs collapse
And f_ck y'all laws, I'm a keep my straps
I'm better off dead, somebody fill my head up with lead
Dropped outta high school, lint in my pocket
I picked up the profit, the block b_tchin, b_tches is hawkin'
Grandma don't want me, Grandpa kinda lonely
Pay my dues, wear my jewels, refuse, never I lose
F_ck that, on my last dollar and my bus pass
F_ckin' with some n_ggas that'll give a mother f_ck
Who f_ckin with us? No one f_ckin with us, time to reconsider
Zombie gang, walking dead, none iller


[Verse 3: Meechy Darko]
F_ck your faculty, your fans, and your music
F_ck the engineer, and the n_gga that produced it
F_ck your religion, your God, and your guidance
Tell Virgin Mary time for Meech to pop that hymen
F_ck the Moon, f_ck the stars, f_ck Venus and Mars
F_ck a Rolex and diamond ring with them flashy cars
F_ck the last supper, f_ck your church and it's gospel
F_ck them halfway dead n_ggas in the hospital
F_ck my left lung, f_ck my right lung
F_ck my chrome gun, f_ck my black gun
F_ck f_ck f_ck f_ck f_ck
Drop five bombs, f_ck that I'm on
Like the mic I record with, f_ck global warming
F_ck heaven and hell, purgatory
F_ck the pastor, f_ck you for giving him offering
F_ckin' exhausted from all these f_cks
I'm f_ckin' off this n_gga, what the f_ck


F_ck you..

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