Chuch - Flatbush Zombies

[Verse 1: Juice]
Take a bong ripper, I be tuned in
Nick at Nite, Jack Tripper, yeah he gone in
Dimethyltryptamine, tryna see the vivid screens
Never been akin to these lame rappers, they sh_t is weak
And f_ck who you pretend to be, I'm tryna be the bigger me
Body, the industry, f_ck all my enemies
Got acid in the freezer, acid in the fridge
Acid in the bottle, so don't ask me how I live
Trippy all day, I ain't never gonna slip
There's rules to the game, ho n_gga get hip
Hip hip, like that sh_t that I'm spittin
And I'm on my sh_t, bruh
Tryna get advances and mansions
Whole family like Manson
Eating rappers like panson
The truth, I'm the answer
The proof in the pudding
Real n_ggas saluting, they shooting
They said we wasn't gonna do it, drop another one
We outta heat, what the f_ck you think I do this for?
The big three and every day it's like I f_ckin' ball
Protect your neck and guard your grill, man
Wall off the, yeah I'm synced that means my sh_t is awesome
Never cared though so f_ck, f_ck your opinion
Smoke another bowl while I'm laughing at you critics
Ain't sh_t change, just the numbers on the cane
Got them 47's, eight.9 Glocks, mac-11's
Thirty eight.38's, do you get the message?

[Verse 2: Meech]
They talking but I don't hear it
F_ck in my fear, and f_ck the other rappers you comparing
This sh_t hip with fear and any n_gga you think can't even come near it
These n_ggas finicky, they think we gimmicky cause at first our sh_t was a banger
And we even traded the industry, it's funny cause eventually
They understand I'm not a mere man, more like an entity
Comes from a different fiber, generate radiant energy
Myself in five years, that's the only one ahead of me
I'm from the McCabe, New York, New York
Named it twice, cause we f_cking [?]
Zombie game, walking dead, no man alive
Can't f_ck with thee, ya'll n_ggas got some nerve
Within the week with a Hinduism yours [?]
N_gga you ain't learn, I'll make you bite the curb
Get it? Learning curb, amazing with these words
Already got mine, but n_gga I'm taking yours
Growing pains, I never felt
Sh_t I been numb since I was young, the chosen one
Deborah's only son [?], 1980, Nancy gave birth to a loaded gun
I know I'm blunt, speaking of blunt, I roll it up and smoke it
Some say the proof is in books, some say the proof it is hidden
I bet Eminem and a reverend will tell you proof is in heaven
Life's a matter of preference, who's to say that hell isn't heaven?
Annually, I dwell in thought darker than the other side of the spectrum
Damn, Arc, give me a second, I'm never second, f_ck it, we're never stressing

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