Drama - Flatbush Zombies feat Kaya

[Verse 1: Eric Arc Elliott]
Phone is unavailable, feel it like it's real evolved
A just sent a menage to my farm, my repertoire,
It's just really really my god, air freshener in your car
We hot boxin' in yo whip, that means I'm just really gone
Highly medicated off this sticky brown in it
Cup full of Henny, Box full of wheaties
Switch you out them church clothes, then you make a mess of me
Freak you on a Sunday, god knows that you're blessin' me
Back twisted, act different I just have visions
Me and mac, bad b_tches playin' badminton
Little jack grippin', past livin' large
At home with a big garage
Zombies is killin' sh_t, send them my best regards
P_ssy, Money, Weed, that's all a n_gga need, right
My philosophy, never be a D Chi [?]
I'm feelin' good homie, Helen Keller sh_t
Heaven knows my name is smokin' for the hell of it

[Hook: Kaya]
All the fresh cuts, and you're slick too
Keep a girl feelin' stuck like a [?]
Be the first love, say what I want
But I'm sure [?]
If you like that, you're gonna love this
This homegrown real strong it's that Kaya piff
I can't smoke it though
Yeah, you're high, so high (smoke it up, light it, light it)
Yeah, you're high, so high (smoke it up, light it, light it)

[Verse 2: Meech]
She just kicked her feet up, let her hair down and roll up
I just see the smirk, grab the bottle then I pour up
You know what, nah you don't know what
Only drugs in my system, barely losing focus
Smokin' on that loud sh_t, eyes Barry Manilow
Say you feelin' love sick, well baby here's the antidote
Pull a hit, grab it though, do that sh_t with passion though
F_ck with the cameras on, in dramatic fashion yo
Smoke me what my blunt say, f_ck me what her cunt say
N_gga I don't want the daily news unless I'm front page
I spit fire, I'm a molotov monster
Versace shades, coogie on, lookin' like papa
It's a party bust that p_ssy open like pinata
Go deep tug sheets skeet then it's bye bye
Lookin' like an angel, might I sin
Lick lick lick you to your halo
Tongue power, scattered showers
Now you need a raincoat
And it's f_ck them all, cause I could never die faithful
P_ssy stay tight as jello though
P_ssy stay high, that's my hello ho
Some n_gga like em shy, but I prefer the bold
Is it still a one night stand if she's on all fours?
Let's go half on a baby, [?] pink or blue
It's war in these sheets I'm bustin' and she bustin' too
If I was in the right mind I would die, come back and wife you twice
F_ck her right mind b_tch, the world is mine the life is strife
Dream the americana devil's pie the final slice
Dream the americana devil's pie the final slice
Don't fight it, light it
Don't fight it just, light it light it light

[Verse 3: Juice]
So gritty it's trilly
Smoke weed, rep my city
If you with it then hit it
Lil' mama is giddy
Give Obama the finger
Slide the clip through my nina
Man f_ck ya'll n_ggas
I don't want your feature
Fettuccine with Jeanie
Either way get it easy
No need to be greedy
Got weed by the tree, b
It's leafy
And lame b_tches give me heebie jeebies
That's why I roll these planes
Keep us high up in the game
Presidential suite shake her ass in the frame
Shoot a b_tch, POV you know my steelo
Juic you know my name ho
P_ssy money weed I get p_ssy when I need
Count it up, bag it up, I get money when I sleep
Dead walker go harder than a lover
Nosebleed, we dream like three pairs of ho pairs
I'm Christ nice Lucifer wanna hold hands

[Hook: Kaya]

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