Drug Parade - Flatbush Zombies feat Danny Brown

[Hook: Meech] x2
Shrooms, shrooms, LSD, mescaline, a lotta weed (x3)
Can't forget that THC, molly and that DMT

[Verse 1: Meech]
I'm in dirty white denim, she telling me it's cream
Down dollar leather, teeth that gleam (beam)
(Join the regime)
Whole sheet of LSD for the team
Eyes low, sour dies', she sippin' that Jeremy Lean
He is I, I am him
Old grim with the tilted brim
Hold up, hold up, you don't do drugs?
What's that mean? "More for us!"
If I said I wasn't high, I'd be lying
What's that smell, what's that smell
Think that's my brain cells fryin'
Nappy dreadlocks, looking like a lion
Possessed by the highest, the LSD diet
You f_ckers should try it, that OE
My genes blend so good with the chronic

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
If you got a bag of trees, then blaze it with me fool
N_gga dont be stingy roll them up
Back to back, back to back
In the backseat, you know I keeps that loud
And I will smoke with y'all
Hot boxin' in a Cutlass
Smear of wax on a backwood, got me like f_ck it
Gettin' trippy [?] on a ratchet
Hickeys on her titties now she wanna lick sh_t
Locs blurry and I can't really see sh_t
Stomach turnin'and I think I might be sick
Acid Acid Mushroom Acid
Ope- that, dope that for my cabbage
Be this way till, oh my gosh
Super-sonic off them tablets


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