Intro - Flatbush Zombies

Do you ever notice that in the bible
Whenever God had to punish someone
Make an example, or ever God needed killing, he sent an angel?
Do you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like?
The whole existence with God, always being the one dipped in blood
Is it possible that God does not like you?
He never wanted you
In all probability he hates you!
If we are God's unwated children then so be it!

Is it all as it seems
So unresolved so unredeemed
If I really, how will I know?

[Verse 1: Juice]
I'm no martian
I'm no goblin
I'm no vampire
I'm no problem
I'm nothing more just a figment with a force
That recognize all my thoughts
That realize I'm a [?]
A long history
Historic files a mystery
The truth shall be told
The time is now
They cover up cover ups to cover us
And there's a price on your soul of every f_ckin' one of us
Were all goin' more drugs, money religion
And the n_ggas in my hood don't want to hear it they fear it
A cold criminal, gat by the genital
P_ssy by the centerfold, ravishing indigo
Appealing matter, nifty camper with a witty camp
Of n_ggas that appeal to n_ggas with any ish
The green in my lungs the tab on my tongue
Unravel my gun, my mind is my gun

[Verse 2: Meech]
In the land beyond living
All things are possible
It's insane to think this really all started from a molecule
Now I'm f_ckin' unstoppable
My past, it was hard to do
Now my future's remarkable (ha ha ha ha)
F_ck fame n_gga, can't you see the bigger picture?
Sold your soul to the devil well at least you got three wishes
Young, witty, pompous, arrogant, malicious
Blowin' kisses to the devil as I form a ladies vividly
Screen motion picture sh_t
While I'm standing idle, f_ck a title
Rather American Psycho than American Idol
Chop a clip, reload the clip, barrel hits
Like a vinyl the universe is my sh_t
Knew it since I was a zygote
This sh_t I'm spittin' got your head spinnin' like an exorcism
When I was young I fought authority
And reject religion, learned to see from every angle
Never regret decisions at times I feel like f_ck religion
Because religion is division

That's simple math ho
Go head and f_ckin' add, ho

Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
For the Bible tells me so

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