Minephuck - Flatbush Zombies

[Verse: Juice]
Gotta get this cheddar mane
But f_ck the fame
Go deep in the game but sharks don't sink gotta focus on my cream (cream)
And life is what you make it
Don't count my money homie
Riding round up with the lonely
One for my n_ggas, two for the hoes
Ain't no p_ssy like new p_ssy I'm trynna get them dro
Funky b_tches, they trynna burn you up like napalm
Exploding, open my eyes then I'm ghosting
Don't think, baby just don't think
Take it all in, for Christ's sake
Sour on the hour every hour after hour
Power power to my sistahs and my n_ggas doing digits
Soon we'll overpower
Come together devour
We shower the media
Drug paraphernalia
Craft is mathematical
Shrooms stomach compatible
Rational radical blastin' the masses, the powerful
So don't blame we if you tryin' to do drugs
So don't blame we if your sh_t's a f_ckin' bust
Muddy waters, black timbs I breach borders
Servin' quarters, crooked cops federal orders
Extortion, n_ggas get lost, paid the fortune
I'm wicked as awesome, I'm really the source
Them n_ggas is frauds I see it often
How you a boss with a pink tie on?
I know n_ggas that would eat you for your dub and your sneakers
Bang bang, chopper hit, sing it like Aretha
New school n_gga with an old school flow
Getting show money, flip that sh_t like a ho
Getting drug money, probably get ya for your o's
And life is hard, when you think about the [?]
Past situations got your heart feeling cold
Better off dead, dead before dishonor
Death ain't nothin' but a heart beat away
Steez is gone, now let's pray
That's forty-seven hundred n_ggas waitin' for the day

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