Remember, I Got Money - Flatbush Zombies

Set it off set it off, homie

B_tches they be on my d_ck
B_tches they be on my d_ck
They be on my d_ck hella hard, doe

Catch me cloud hoppin', surfin' in the sky
Rollin' through your hood, while kush is in my eyes
Why you act surprised, you ain't ever seen a n_gga?
I'm culture roller coaster, smokin' dosha reefer n_gga
Don't you worry 'bout it, you just bring it in
Let me get inside, bring it in
So while I'm in it, I just beat it up too
My friends will tell you different, honey, but I'm no good
Heavy bangin' on these hoes so much ice that time froze
X and O, tic-tac-toe, get you right up out them clothes
Urkel glasses, purple passion twistin' up haze amazing
Leavin' flavors of raisins oh my God your amazing, damn
This is what I gotta do, 44 up and it's aimed at you
Stop your cryin' b_tch I just had some things to do
Long point shot like I'm Reggie Miller
But I am a killa, her name priscilla, cobain gorilla
No game is realer
You wanna act like a n_gga then get familiar

Say I'm real, I be doing things
And I'm rolling through the hood, chunking deuces when I swang
Ladies say I hurt they hard, ho they f_cking lying B
I do my thang on 'em, don't f_cking lie to me, remember
Lie to me, remember, 'member
I got money, 'member
I got money, money
Don't you remember? Yeah
Said I got money

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