Thugnificense - Flatbush Zombies

[Hook x2: Zombie Juice]
Got some weed, roll it up
Got some danks, roll it up
Got some drank, pour it up
LSD you know what's up
High as hell, don't give a f_ck [x3]
No coming down I'm going up

[Verse 1: Zombie Juice]
In the middle of your town with a pack of that stuff
Ain't from your town but I'm chopping it up
Just one phone call finna get you n_ggas stuck
Her p_ssy so good make a n_gga want to floss it
You in the same lane, b_tch I'm swerving getting nauseous
N_ggas trying to shoot, but they bounce right off me
Flatbush junction my hood you can't f_ck with
Fresh off the boat like this bomb ass ye
My team finna blow, shout out to the game
Badman, ain't got no words
I ain't trying to flex but if you say my name again
And you saw mothaf_cker I be praying for my enemies
Grab a bottle henny smoke a 50 simple chemistry
Down for the cause b_tch I'm riding till the end of me
Down goes the ball, head off no feeling it.

[Hook: Zombie Juice]

[Verse 2: Zombie Juice]
I'm in love with the mic, engulfed in the life
All these wack ass rappers spitting all for the ice
Money can't buy swag
Funny n_gga you a dummy
Money can drop fast
If you can't count sunny aw sh_t with the sleekness
27 cause woke up the next day made 20 grand more
F_cking with the zombies like Tyson to a jaw
I'm a high mothaf_cker come and box with the law

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