Sweet Little Something - Forever In Your Mind

[Verse 1: Ricky Garcia]
When I met you, didn't know what to do
I'm the kind of person you look through

From two places worlds apart
You're in two boats and works of art
But you're still tuggin' on my heart

[Pre-Chorus: Group]
Give me one chance cause I can do that dance
Maybe show you I'm advanced in how to be your man

Cause you know that everywhere I go
I kind of lose control of how you're makin' me feel

[Chorus: Group]
Girl would you be my, would you be my
Sweet little somethin'
Baby we'll get by, we'll get by
Sweet little somethin'
Give me just one night to let me ask you
Girl would you be my, would you be my
Sweet little somethin'

[Verse 2: Liam Attridge]
Hey, on that first day
So lost for words to say
Little things came into play

[Ricky Garcia]
The way you smile to just one side
That sparkle in those pretty eyes
Makes me want to blow my mind

[Pre-Chorus: Group]
May take a while but I can make that mile
Your hair, your grease, your style; the only reason I smile

One simple glance and that was all it took
You stopped my heart with just one look
You cast your line now I'm hooked

[Chorus: Group]

[Bridge: Emery Kelly]
Try my best, will never rest
Take on the world and nothin' less
No matter what you put me through
I'm gonna make my way to you
You're made for me, just meant to be
Girl someday you're gonna see

[Feature: Jordyn Jones]
You can keep on chasin' until my heart is racin'
Gonna keep you on your toes see how the loving goes
Mean it boy, yo don't be front
And maybe I'll be your sweet little somethin'


[Outro: Ricky Garcia]
(You gotta be, you gotta be)
You gotta be my sweet little somethin'
(You gotta be, you gotta be)
My sweet little somethin'

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