Breakdown - Forever the Sickest Kids

When was the last time you talked to me?
Seriously,I feel like I don't even know you
and i would rather me leave than stay and
watch you make a fool of me

you might as well leave
you might as well let me know now
you might as well go,go,go
i never want to see your face 'round here anymore
cuz' it's a breakdown,the breakdown
where do we go from here?
it's a breakdown,the breakdown

and it wouldn't be lying if i said i
wasn't getting quite bored yet
your consistent nagging and constant panic
is unnecessary stress for me and
you tip,tip tip top the charts and
the best thing i've ever done and
the reality is that i wrote this song for you


when wood floors mean high heels,
when shadows form from the chandeliers,
when wood floors mean high heels,
and shadows form from the chandeliers


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