Chyna Whyte - Foxy Brown

Ya'll know me right?
I'm that same b_tch ya'll n_ggas want for half price
Same b_tch ya'll n_ggas be blamin' all ya'll problems on
I'm the reason why half ya'll n_ggas
Can't even go in your mom's crib no more

Uh..I'm the type of b_tch leave a n_gga nose stiff
And get his hos hit, make his toes shift
Tell the mans and them, look, ya'll ain't have sh_t
Til ya'll motherf_ckers switch and smoke this sh_t

The reason Mike f_cked around and moped his b_tch
In his jones, little son Troy is loc'ed and sh_t
I ain't the cause of n_ggas with knives that tote this sh_t
It's when they spit cause n_ggas came up real short with they sh_t

And I'm on a n_gga little novicane, straight to the brain
Shoot it up and get both his nose and toes at the same
N_gga's gave me nickname, Chyna, last name Whyte
Guaranteed to have your ass open first nigh

Bad b_tch, slanted eyes, powered with white
Somethin' special, not your average baddest little thing in sight
I know this dude, Ritz, that f_cked with a b_tch
Get you right, matter of fact, dude could get her half price

No sh_t, she got a crew that ain't nothin' nice, dime sh_t
Had ya'll motherf_ckers believin' that ya'll can fly and sh_t
Matter fact Mel, used to f_cka girl Trish gal
Unique hit little E and bomb bags heroin
Now they assed out, in the hood massed out
Gave a rex and Tim's f_cked up with they gats out
With no love

"Ill Nana, Ill Nana, I need ten dollars, Ill Nana"
"Baby, I can't give you no more money"
"What you mean you can't give me no money?"
"Man, boy, where's my TV?"
"Nana, I smoked the TV"

Uh, no love, changed a few thugs, new drugs
N_ggas started stashin' things on Mother Gasten
Hottest sh_t to hit the streets, divide the peeps
Divide crew love, f_ck trees, now it's OZ's

Small leaks and n_ggas with false leads and nose bleeds
Wein popped, pop shells and close sales
B_tches, they nose frail, got the word that coke sale

Uh, flip it once you can match a n_gga bail
Uh, flip it twice you officially on
Had the richest n_ggas f_cked up, kissin' your thong
Mystery's on

Uh, flip it three times, you straight, crib on a lake
Crystal and cheese cake, cock s_cker D shake, n_ggas flake
Huh, flip it once more, you're leary, huh
Feds in your ass, skid money don't make money
What happened to get money? the b_tches
The cars, and brick money
The spot on Bain Bridge
Ya'll n_ggas ain't claimin' sh_t now, huh
Ya'll know me now, f_cked up in the game
No love, no love

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