Na Na Be Like - Foxy Brown

Trini.. yeah yes, Pretty Boy
(99 Def Jam) I said it
F_ck y'all b_tches want, whoa
I'ma stay poppin sh_t
Anybody want it? Come see me, what?
Fame.. yagga..

[Foxy Brown]
I flows sicker like, tote quicker like
Na Na pop sh_t like spit hot sh_t
B_tches love to gossip, catch me in my crop sh_t like
I spit flame b_tch f_ck's my name? Na Na
Like, I'm the b_tch Prada wan' pitch
Rude gal, back court, big gun
Big tings a'gwan like, I'm undisputed
Now y'all got to bow when you see me, f_ck's my name? Na Na
Like, I'm the b_tch pushin big 6
Likkle broad, five foot, pop big sh_t like
See my clique, ride big d_ck like
Swiss hole y'know? Handcuff sh_t like
Supreme b_tch, y'all broads is ancient
I'll bank your whole sh_t, top draft pick like
I'm the Prince Nasheem of this sh_t
Come test me; and leave with your vest swiss cheese like

(Na Na be like) Flawless ice sh_t
Sassy-ass chick, I started this sh_t
(Na Na be like) Big bone gal
Whoa, light-er, come smoke the skunk ya
(Na Na be like) Yagga yagga yo
Say we nah s_cky duck iffa we ain't a name brand, eh
(Na Na be like) Runnin this here
Bet I have y'all broke b_tches all runnin this year, whoa

[Foxy Brown]
My wrist thick, light gray sh_t
Call me, Sunsplasha, Don all wetness, whoa
I switched up, put the 6 up
E'rybody want chop 6, rock bald wrists, whoa
I've done this, spit hotness
Na Na tote big fifth; f_ck's my name? Na Na, whoa
And my p_ssy n_ggaz wan' lick
And my big tits son a wan' come kiss
I'm me, all no see when I want rudeness
And you 'onna 'ere come spit bullsh_t, whoa
I might care, but I won't go there
I might rock this, but I wan' come stick, whoa
I'm the chick that'll drop my sh_t
'fore a eedyot n_gga wan' pay nice price whoa
It's my life and I wan' live like
ah art gyal dis and I wan' sound like, whoa


[Foxy Brown]
B_tches wan' test my aim; I spray sick like lunatic
Sh_t better keep pushin your sh_t back
Ya nah threat me, oh you wanna try Nani?
Beer gun shot, I need a Punani-dani
Woof, (??) yagga ya s_ck ya (?) mouf
P_ssy what big gun inna ya mouf gal
Eh-eh, eh-eh, Na Na talk greasy what?
Eh-eh, eh-eh, an' who de ras wan' see me
Eh-eh, eh-eh, my diamonds is "Blue Streak"
Sh_t Tito brand, money wash my hands, Sopranos style
Eh-eh, eh-eh, Ruger in Chanel purse
You think you're nice b_tch, spit behind my verse
Eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh
So bow down b_tch, f_ck's my name?
Na Na, wha wha? Na Na, wha wha?
Na Na, Na Na, Na Na, yagga yagga yo, whoa

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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