I Don't Care - Foxy Brown feat Kofi


[Chyna White]
Yo, consider me a roll model if there's beef in the club
I'm that lil' white b_tch that's gonna throw bottles
Me and the fam has this whole model
F_ck you, f_ck them, f_ck all uh yall
So what if this is not the kids?
So what if there's a hundred labels that got the bid?
So what if I dreamed the devil never dared me to sin?
So what if the industry compares me to him?
So what if I write hard?
Or is it really just a big f_ckin' deal cuz' it's comin' from a white broad
So what, hear me so what?!
If I bring it most of these rappers gon' fold up
I don't care if I might be on top, I can give a flyin' f_ck
If you like me or not
So what if you think I'm not the illest chick?
I don't care you still gotta feel dis b_tch
I don't care

To all the hatas that be lookin' to fade us
We not concerned wit what chu put in the papers
We stayin' focus while you try to provoke us
We never cared that industry notice

[Foxy Brown]
Don't give a FLUCK (f_ck) n_ggas know I'm BUCK
N_ggas know I'm reppin' they don't f_ck wit' me
B_tches know I'm 7 go head get slick
Tick this b_tch off get cho highway to heaven n_gga
Slick sh_t hot sh_t I'm so gutter
If I die tomorrow I reserect through my young brotha
Oh Gawd got to warn yah first shawty spit hard
And she rollin' with the Brown broad
Young Fox don't co-sign sh_t n_ggas know she gotta be a live b_tch
If we f_ck wit her
N_ggas know how the f_ck I flow
It's a rap I'm so back it's a double high mode n_gga
Please believe it's the BK pretty broad
Code D is a white sex in the city broad
Out in that field we get it crunk we cruise pop
Wit two 20 glocks holla yah heard Fox

[Chorus (x2)]

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